S2E1 Promo: “Extraction Jackson, What’s That Fraction?”

What do you really know about Cannabis extracts? In episode one of season two, we dive into the world of Cannabis extraction science and technology to understand how Cannabis extracts are made, why there are so many different types of extracts, the science behind extraction, and how to make sense of marketing terms like “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum”, or “whole plant”.

Featuring excerpts from our behind-the-scenes interviews with:

  • Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson (Hash Maker and Cannabis Aficionado)
  • Wyeth Callaway, PhD (Organic Chemist)
  • Murphy Murri (Extraction Technologist)
  • Daniel Hayden, PhD (Molecular Plant Biologist)
  • Travis Simpson (Herbal Scientist)

Catch Season 2 Episode 1 on Monday, November 9th, 2020! Visit www.CACPodcast.com for more info.