Season One – Meet Our Guests

Season One of the Curious About Cannabis Podcast is coming at the end of October!

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Episode 0 – Introducing the Curious About Cannabis Podcast

It’s a plant that goes by many names.

Some call it hemp. Some call it marijuana.

Call it what you will – it’s Cannabis, and it’s got a lot of people curious.

Hey everybody, thanks for tuning into this Episode 0, a preview of the Curious About Cannabis Podcast, coming Fall 2019. My name is Jason Wilson, author of the Curious About Cannabis book, and host of the Curious About Cannabis Podcast. I want to invite you on a journey with me as we try to cut through all of the hype and the hear-say to discover the truth about the world’s most controversial plant – Cannabis. We’ll be talking to researchers, doctors, nurses, medical Cannabis patients, growers, extraction chemists, and many others to critically explore essential questions about Cannabis.

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The clips featured in this preview episode are excerpts from an interview with health and wellness educator Matt Vogel. Enjoy!

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The Curious About Cannabis Podcast is Coming Fall 2019

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