BTS #53 Reggie Gaudino PhD of Front Range Biosciences on Cannabis Genetics, Functional Cultivars, Landrace Biodiversity

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we join Reggie Gaudino, PhD, the VP or Research and Development for Front Range Biosciences. Reggie has been working with the Cannabis plant for many years, beginning his research at Steep Hill, one of the first Cannabis testing laboratories in the United States. Over the years, Reggie has had the opportunity to study the chemistry, microbiology, and genetics of thousands of Cannabis plants and has gained a few insights along the way.

In our discussion we talk about his work at Front Range Biosciences, common misunderstandings regarding Cannabis genetics, lessons learned from trying to understand the genetic mechanisms behind cannabinoid production, what we know and don’t know about terpene synthase genes, the path toward “functional cultivars” that are formulated for targeted conditions starting at seed, Reggie’s philosophy of science, and much more!

This was a really fun and fascinating conversation. I always say that genetics is one of my weakest subjects when it comes to the natural sciences – so I really enjoy getting to talk to knowledgeable scientists that can help me wrap my mind around these important issues!

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