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S2E1 Promo: “Extraction Jackson, What’s That Fraction?”

What do you really know about Cannabis extracts? In episode one of season two, we dive into the world of Cannabis extraction science and technology to understand how Cannabis extracts are made, why there are so many different types of extracts, the science behind extraction, and how to make sense of marketing terms like “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum”, or “whole plant”.

Featuring excerpts from our behind-the-scenes interviews with:

  • Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson (Hash Maker and Cannabis Aficionado)
  • Wyeth Callaway, PhD (Organic Chemist)
  • Murphy Murri (Extraction Technologist)
  • Daniel Hayden, PhD (Molecular Plant Biologist)
  • Travis Simpson (Herbal Scientist)

Catch Season 2 Episode 1 on Monday, November 9th, 2020! Visit for more info.

BTS #35 Vincenzo Di Marzo, PhD on the Endocannabinoid System and the Endocannabinoidome

In this behind-the-scenes episode we join renowned endocannabinoid researcher Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo, who has been studying endocannabinoids since their discovery in the late 1980s and 1990s. Dr. Di Marzo, along with his colleagues, originally proposed the concept of the endocannabinoid system, the entourage effect, and the endocannabinoidome. Currently Dr. Di Marzo is working on studying the relationships between endocannabinoids and the gut microbiome to better understand how cannabinoids may affect health through the gut. In our conversation we discuss Dr. Di Marzo’s fascination with endocannabinoids, how he conceptualizes the endocannabinoidome, common misunderstandings about endocannabinoids, how the concept of the “entourage effect” has evolved away from its original intended meaning, where the future of Cannabis research may be heading, and much more.

This was a career highlight of mine to be able to talk to Vincenzo and I am honored to share this conversation with you. Enjoy!

BTS #34 Sher Ali Butt of CB Therapeutics on Biosynthesizing Cannabinoids and Psychedelics

In this behind-the-scenes interview we sit down with Sher Ali Butt, the co-founder of CB Therapeutics, a company focused on biosynthesizing cannabinoids and psychedelics using fermentation with fungi. We talk about the science behind biosynthetic technology, why they have chosen to focus on psychedelics and cannabinoids, how biosynthesis compares to chemical synthesis techniques for producing compounds, why isolated compounds and complex herbal mixtures can both have a place in healthcare, and much more!

Learn more about CB Therapeutics at

Welcome to The Curious About Cannabis Podcast (Trailer)

It’s a plant that goes by many names. Some call it hemp. Some call it marijuana. Call it what you will – it’s Cannabis, and it’s got a lot of people curious. Join scientist and educator Jason Wilson on a journey to explore critical questions about the world’s most controversial plant. Featuring contributions from leading researchers, doctors, and industry veterans alike – prepare to cut through the hype to uncover lasting insights about Cannabis.

Welcome to the Curious About Cannabis Podcast!

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BTS #33 Alice Moon on Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, Cannabis Branding, Social Equity

In this behind-the-scenes episode we are joined with Alice Moon, a PR professional working in the Cannabis industry and diagnosed cannabinoid hyperemesis patient. In our conversation we discuss her entrepreneurial journey within the Cannabis industry that led to her work in public relations, issues facing Cannabis brands, her experience with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, what she has learned about the disorder since being diagnosed, work that she is doing to try and understand the disorder, how she responds to criticisms from the Cannabis industry, words of advice for those who are worried that they may be suffering from CHS, and more!

To learn more about Alice Moon visit

To learn more about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, visit

BTS #32 Mark Scialdone PhD on Cannabis Chemistry History, Hydrogenated Cannabinoids, Science and Art

In this behind-the-scenes episode we sit down with Mark Scialdone PhD, a chemist responsible for inventing hydrogenated cannabinoid acids, semi-synthetic cannabinoids that could be effective at battling certain types of cancer. We discuss the history of cannabinoid science, controversy around cannabinoid boiling points, how Mark learned from his research with catnip essential oil hydrogenation and how he adapted the technology for Cannabis essential oil, the importance of balancing science with art, the future of Cannabis research, his role in helping the American Chemical Society’s Cannabis Chemistry subdivision get started, and much more.

This episode was cut for time. To listen to the extended 2+ hour version, visit

The Curious About Cannabis Book (Second Edition) is Almost Here!

On August 1st we will finally be releasing the second edition of the Curious About Cannabis book! Revised and expanded with over 450 pages of content covering nearly all areas of Cannabis and cannabinoid science, the Curious About Cannabis book is sure to be an important resource for both self-taught enthusiasts and Cannabis educators. Dive into hundreds of citations and resources, dozens of activities and puzzles, and hundreds of pages of educational content to help you take your Cannabis education to the next level. You might even catch a few quotes from the Curious About Cannabis Podcast in there as well! Learn more at or look for the book on and other major online book retailers!

BTS #31 The Doctors Knox on the Endocannabinoid System and Revolutionizing Healthcare

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we speak with The Doctors Knox, aka The Knox Docs, including Drs. Janice, David, Rachel, and Jessica Knox to talk all about the endocannabinoid system and how our understanding of the endocannabinoid system and the endocannabinoidome is revolutionizing healthcare.

This was our first interview with four people at the same time, so it was quite a different experience and allowed for some unique dynamics that I hope you enjoy.

You can learn more about The Doctors Knox at

BTS #30 Morris Beegle of WAFBA on Industrial Uses of Hemp and Mushrooms

In this behind-the-scenes interview we talk with Morris Beegle of We Are For Better Alternatives (Colorado Hemp Company, NoCo Hemp Expo, Let’s Talk Hemp, and others). In this conversation we talked about the many different uses of the Cannabis plant besides cannabinoid-rich resin production, the challenges of getting hemp alternatives accepted in the market, the future of the industrial use of mushrooms, and much more.

Learn more about WAFBA at:

Stay curious, and take it easy!

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BTS #29 Kyle Boyar on Microbiological Testing, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, LIMS

In this behind-the-scenes episode we sit down with Kyle Boyar, vice chair and scholarship chair for the Cannabis Chemistry subdivision of the American Chemical Society and Director of Product Science at TagLeaf. We talked about the ways Cannabis testing labs test Cannabis samples for microbiological contaminants, how microbiological testing can go wrong, other issues facing Cannabis testing, controversy around a medical condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), and more!

This conversation was cut to fit our new 1.5 hour limit. To listen to the entire 2 hour conversation, join our community on Patreon at

Enjoy and stay curious!

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